How I wish I could make the world a better place.  Life is to be lived by each one of us in a very distinct and unique manner.  All our tests, although in the midst of people around us, is a very lonely state we find ourselves in.  Sometimes we live life only to prove a point to some or other negative remark. How sad.

YOU are needed for such a time as this.  You carry within your being a beautiful light shining forth so to illuminate the pathway of others.  Without the light darkness will consume us.  Some people are needed to add another facet to the brilliance we portray, but we allow others to cover the light within as if they have a right.  We will only get what we allow.

Today I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the gleam shining from my eyes.  I would like to thank all who allow me to brighten their lives.  My prayer this week is that you will be filled with light.  That light will follow wherever you go.  May the Father of lights, guide your way.

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