The registered cancer organisation Pink Trees for Pauline started its 2015 project with the exciting announcement of the Pink Trees for Pauline Win a Car Competition on 22 July 2015. Now, only a week later, another thrilling statement came from the office of Pink Trees for Pauline’s managing director Adri van Nieuwenhuizen. The Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA) will be collaborating with Pink Trees for Pauline in the 2015 project to make this unique drive an even bigger success! This means more hands and feet that will toil for weeks on end to wrap South Africa in pink in order to raise funds for our cancer communities.

The aim of Pink Trees for Pauline is to raise funds and awareness for all kinds of cancer and to improve the lives of people living with cancer and their families. During the 2014 project nearly 65km material was sold in 101 towns. The estimated population of these towns were 3 720 342 of which more than 75% are disadvantaged. The biggest reward of Pink Trees for Pauline is knowing that funds raised in towns are allocated to the cancer communities of those specific towns. A good example is Middelburg Mpumalanga where 7.2km material were sold. The Pink Trees for Pauline team donated Ensure cans, food vouchers, fuel for patients’ travel expenses, medical supplies, hired 2 oxygen tanks for patients and contributed to ambulance costs. This is merely one example of many where cancer communities benefited directly from the funds raised.

The fact that CANSA came on board to work in association with Pink Trees for Pauline was greeted with much enthusiasm by all involved in the project. CANSA will roll out the project in towns where there are no existing Pink Trees for Pauline committees, and in towns where the project is already established CANSA will throw in their weight to assist where they can. CANSA has more than 300 staff, 5 000 volunteers and over 30 CANSA Care Centres countrywide and is thus well placed to deliver its service to most communities in South Africa. CANSA offers to all communities a message of hope and an opportunity to get involved in the fight against cancer, by providing access to information and education to help reduce their risk. The mission and vision of CANSA underlines that of Pink Trees for Pauline and the cancer communities of South Africa will benefit greatly from this formidable partnership.

H.E. Luccock said “No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it.” CANSA in association with Pink Trees for Pauline will without a doubt create a stunning symphony with the Pink Trees for Pauline 2015 project. The crystal clear music will reach cancer communities all over South Africa with the distinctive message of hope, life and love.

Registered cancer organisations that want to embrace this project and join in the experience, please email For more information about the 2015 Pink Trees for Pauline project please visit and for the latest news visit the Pink Trees for Pauline Facebook page. Adri Jansen van Nieuwenhuizen can be contacted on

PHOTO : Trees wrapped by Pink Trees for Pauline Middelburg, Mpumalanga. Photographer Mariette du Buson

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