Pink Trees for Pauline (PTFP) kicks off again this year in September 2018 by launching a new campaign namely: #doekwithadifference in association with the Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA). The campaign is a natural extension of the PTFP slogan: “Wrapped in colour, united in hope” and aims to raise funds specifically for care and support programmes for cancer patients and those affected by cancer. 

Says Adri Jansen van Nieuwenhuizen, Managing Director from PTFP: “We’re very excited about the new addition for 2018! #doekwithadifference (a head wrap or scarf) is available in pink and green and will be sold to raise funds at R70 each. We’re hoping to turn heads and bring awareness to the challenges and issues facing many people fighting cancer and their right to access cancer treatment. In addition – individuals and companies can still show their support by buying the pink fabric at R25 per metre and wrapping trees in their local towns and communities.”

Doeks and fabric are available at all CANSA Care Centres country-wide ( PTFP and CANSA hope to inspire individuals and corporates to purchase their #doekwithadifference to raise funds. It’s a great team building opportunity and companies (whether big or small) could further engage with #doekwithadifference by launching ‘spin-off initiatives’ such as ‘Wrapped on Wednesday’ / ‘Best Wrapped’, internally, where selfies get posted on social media platforms to generate interest. Some companies even run competitions for the most head wraps / scarves sold.  The #doekwithadifference is raises awareness and shows support for women and families affected by cancer. “Traditional head wraps (iDhuku) have long been associated with that of African cultures and worn for cultural, religious or fashion reasons. The style of how it’s worn around the head differs from culture to culture. We are looking forward to seeing all women from all cultures living in South Africa, embrace this initiative which celebrates their confidence and strength,” added van Nieuwenhuizen.

In 2014, Pink Trees for Pauline was rolled out in approximately 140 towns with an estimated population of just under over 4, 5 million of which more than 75% are from informal towns and poor resource families. CANSA uses all funds raised from the campaign towards accommodation for patients during cancer treatment, home-based care nursing, feeding schemes for cancer affected patients and training social workers and also for supplying wigs, prosthesis and wheelchairs. 

To get a Doek or pink material, please contact the nearest CANSA Care Centre, toll-free on 0800 22 66 22 or email: or visit

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